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Cub Scout and father at archery range

Discover the paths in Scouting in Michigan for boys, girls, and families.

Scouting is a term that describes all of the programs provided by Scouting America for both boys and girls ages 5-20.  Scouting teaches youth to confront any challenge with whole hearts and clear minds—to live their lives without regret, never back down, and do their very best!  Through the Scouting America programs, Scouts learn a variety of skills that prepare them to confront challenges through their life.

How has Scouting made an impact on youth?

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Say it has helped them be more honest

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Say it has improved their ability to work with others

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Say it has helped them become stronger team players

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Say it has helped them better understand and sympathize with those less fortunate

Discovery is at the heart of Scouting. Whether it’s a campout, derby car race, or hike on the trail, we believe every adventure helps us uncover a little more about ourselves. We build the foundations for humility and compassion—strengthening character through actions—to prepare youth for a lifetime of leadership.

Scouting: Become your best self

Through fun yet challenging physical and mental activities, Scouting encourages personal growth by teaching youth how to set goals and achieve them with determination.

Scouting: Fun for the Entire Family

Scouting is something the whole family can experience together. We designed our program so that anyone—brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers—can have fun and make an impact!

Scouting: A sense of belonging

The BSA promotes a culture where youth, volunteers, and employees feel a sense of belonging—where every person feels respected and valued. 

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Preparing Youth for lives of Impact and Purpose

The mission of Scouting America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

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Say it has had a positive influence on their Life

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Say it has increased future likelihood of volunteering

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Say it has influenced their confidence

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Say Scouting helps with character development

In Scouting, there is NO BENCH.  Unlike in some sports, in Scouting, everyone is a STARTER and EVERYONE PLAYS/participates every minute.  The young people aren’t only IN the action, they’re DRIVING THE ACTION, leading, learning, and growing themselves.

Scouting provides experiences found no where else

The Scouting Edge: A Study in Ethics and Character in America, conducted by Scouting America in partnership with the Harris Poll, delves into American’s ethical and character dimensions, comparing and contrasting Scouting vs. non-Scouting populations.

The connection is clear between Scouting and the perception that Scouts and alumni act ethically and morally in their attitudes and behaviors. People who are Scouts as well as those who have never been Scouts believe that Scouts and Scouting alumni are more likely than their counterparts to act in ways that are described as ethical and moral.  

Youth that participate in Scouts during their high school years are prepared for the future ahead, whether that is career or college.  Scouting provides leadership and community service opportunities for college applications.  Business owners recognize that Scouts are trustworthy candidates and often prioritize those applications.  Those that earn the Eagle Scout rank automatically enter military service at one rank higher.


What our Parents and Scouts say...

Youth programs for the entire family

Cub Scout and father fishing at Camp Teetonkah

Outdoor Time

The first time a child goes fishing is special, and when a parent can share in that joy of catching that first fish -- unforgettable.

Creating Memories

Mastering new skills builds confidence. Building skills along side a parent creates memories.

scout and a leader in a canoe at Boundary Waters MN, fishing

Family Adventure

Even the older Scouts enjoy time with parents. High adventure trips give parents-leaders the chance to experience once in a lifetime trips.

You will never look back on life and think, “I spent too much time with my kids”.  Scouting provides a way to explore, engage and have fun together.

Learn More About Our Programs

Cub Scouts for boys and girls grades K-5

Cub Scouts

Encouraging boys and girls to make friends, be helpful to others, and do their very best in all of the adventures that they take.

Scouts BSA is for boys or girls 11-17

Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA is the traditional Scouting experience where boys and girls can have their share of adventure in the great outdoors.

Venturing button/header


Venturing is a youth-led program all about building adventures with your friends and learning leadership along the way.

Sea Scouts is a co-ed program for ages 14-20

Sea Scouts

Sea Scouting promotes better citizenship and teamwork through instruction and practice in water safety, boating, and service.

Exploring is for boys and girls 10-20


Explorers learn about a wide variety of career fields and network with professionals already working in those fields.

Rump Bumping - Tubing - on Rifle River at Cole Canoe Base
Cub Scout at a Pinewood Derby
Small boat sailing at Camp Rotary

Questions you might have

Q. Is Scouting available for girls, too?

A YES!  In 2018 Cub Scouts opened up to girls, and in 2019 Scouts BSA followed.  Sea Scouts, Venturing and Exploring have always been co-ed.  All programs are co-ed except Scouts BSA.  Scouts BSA Troops are single-gender (“Boy Troops” and “Girl Troops”).  Some Cub Scout Packs are still “Boy Packs”, while the majority are “Family Packs”, welcoming all.

A Yes!  Before becoming a leader (and every two years after that), all registered leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training (YPT),  a course designed to ensure that our youth are safe. All leaders also go through a nationwide criminal background check before direct contact with Scouts. Leaders continually take training on Hazardous Weather, Swim and Water sport safety, and many other activity-specific safety training courses.  Personnel that conduct target sports and climbing sports activities are certified in those activities as well.

A  Annual membership fees cover the cost of overall Scouting, and for the 2024 year are at $170/Scout.  Individual units (Packs, Troops, etc.) may have additional dues that cover activities, awards, and supplies.  Uniform requirements vary per program, and while are not required, are recommended.  Michigan Crossroads Council provides Membership Assistance to those that need it for registration fees; specific units often will also provide scholarships.  Camp Scholarships are offered through the council as well to ensure all youth are able to go to summer camp.  Fundraising opportunities exist in the units through Popcorn and other options.

Yes!  There is a place in a child’s life for both Scouts and sports.  It is not uncommon for kids to be involved with both, sometimes taking a pause with Scouts for a month or two during the height of a sport season.  Scouts is a year-round activity that meets you where you want to be.  If your child misses a campout for a sports tournament, it won’t be the end of the world.  Your child’s Troop/Pack will welcome them when they can be there.  

Fitness from sports will help with activities in Scouting, and leadership and interpersonal skills learned in Scouting will help with Scouts.

It is whatever you can give.  Cub Scout Lions and Tigers (kindergarten and first grade) require that an “adult partner” be present at all meetings and outings.  Beyond that, there is no requirement from the BSA that parents be present at meetings, though some groups (Packs) may require it.  All groups rely on parents to become leaders, and leadership positions vary in time commitment.  From helping out with one meeting, to creating newsletters, to leading a group, there are opportunities for all parents.  Youth that have involved parents do tend to have a better experience.

We’d love to answer any other questions you might have!  There are many ways to reach us:


How to join

Step 1 for joining Scouts

Our FIVE main programs listed below are for both boys and girls at various ages and stages.  Find the program that is right for you.

Cub Scouts: K-5th
Scouts BSA: ages 11-17
Venturing: ages 14-20
Sea Scouts: ages 14-20
Exploring: ages 10-20

Visit BeAScout.org, enter your ZIP CODE and choose your PROGRAM.  You will see all of the groups local to you, along with their meeting information, websites, and/or contact information.  We highly recommend you reach out to the group (click the REQUEST MORE INFORMATION) button and visit a meeting or two.  Find the group that “fits” your youth.

Once you find your unit on BeAScout.org, you can register and pay online * right from the listing!

* NOTE: Fees collected online represent those that are for registration and program fees.  Each individual unit (Troop, Pack, etc.) may assess yearly “dues” to cover the cost of books, neckerchiefs, awards, and other unit program specific items.

Cub Scout with archery target

Request Info

We will connect you with a membership specialist that can answer your questions.


Don’t live in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan but want more information about Scouting in your area?  Visit BEASCOUT.ORG to find out more and to find a group near you.